I love quotes which inspire me to be better and do better. This one from Dr Martin Luther King is an absolute cracker (happy birthday Sir

!) I believe integrity to be one of leadership’s ‘must have’ qualities. When working with companies to support their growth and development the behaviour of the leader is absolutely critical to success. It sets the standard for everyone in the company. It is a complete no no to proclaim lofty values when the leader’s behaviour, or the company’s accepted / rewarded behaviour is quite obviously the opposite. The old expression to ‘walk the talk’ is important in both gaining and keeping worker and customer loyalty. Competition is tough in today’s market, so it’s a very good idea to make your company stand out for the right reasons. And ... holler if you’d like a hand raising your company’s culture, a hand with your strategy or any ‘good shift’ change. All the best! #lightitupnz 💥