FUSE represents Facilitating Unified Strategic Enhancement,

which broken down pretty much covers my job description!

This role includes supporting you to:

Define your goals

Formulate your vision and mission statements

Develop your strategic management plan

Execute your strategic management plan

Analyse your business / organisation environment

Facilitate  your growth, transformation and change

Upskill your leadership

- Including Principal Appraisal - 

Enhance your culture

Align your Human Resource planning and development

Initiate and facilitate your succession planning

Facilitate best practice Governance

If you're facing change, my role is to work with you and your team to help ensure that change is positive, practical and successful.

We know that strong, successful businesses and organisations

attract the best people.

How are you ensuring you attract the best?



Phone 027 669 1243


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North Canterbury

New Zealand

+64 27 669 1243

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