We’ve had a rough ride of late and many are feeling depleted.

Change is stressful, uncertainty is stressful, trauma is stressful.

Life, however, is generally demanding and the opposite of calm! 😳

Cultivating the recognition of what it is that ‘winds us up’ and the tools we can use to de- escalate (preventing the negative fall out) can be really helpful.

Is there a repeating trigger point?

An event or task that consistently sets us off?

If so, how can a system or a routine be changed to mitigate it?

Sometimes it may be as simple as moving a task from one team member to another. To letting that phone ring, and calling them back when we’ve had that much needed moment to reset. To checking communication is really clear and is understood.

And make sure you and your team do have calm / a little extra kindness It’s tough out there at the moment for everyone.

All the best for your Hump Day!

And ... holler if you’d like to chat through any #goodshiftnz Change.