Happy Sunday!

This life is - as they say - a roller coaster. We have our ups, and inevitably, we have our downs.

My goal is always to ride the lows, to learn, reset, refresh, and emerge better than before.

Wiser, stronger, more understanding, more intuitive, more laser focused to speak and act my truth.

This quote speaks to me as the reminder that this is good.

The lows only act to sharpen my resolve, to pinpoint my determination and my belief in transformational change.

The conviction that empowering ourselves and our teams, that honouring people and planet is, absolutely, the *best* way to operate.

These are my enduring stars and with every set back and every low, every challenge this crazy world throws up, they just burn ever brighter.

What burns for you?

Here’s to a new, more sustainable, and more equitable world emerging.

And to each of us feeling that burn to create it. 🔥

#lightitupnz 💥

And ... as always just holler if you’d like to up your positive impact