If you’re running an organisation or a business, these three elements are essentials.

Vision - your North Star, your ideal future, as Jim Collins puts it, your BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Your vision is exciting, it grabs your soul, it pulls you through the shit times because you want it so bad.

Mission - your core purpose, what you exist to do. Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ gives a good intro to its importance. Your mission also includes your values which are hugely important. What do you do that makes your point of difference? What makes you special? What values are non- negotiable? What reputation do you want to grow?

Strategic plan - the prioritised steps needed to achieve your vision.

Put them together for business clarity, HR planning, operational decisions, job descriptions, appraisals and remuneration, future acquisitions, marketing, purchasing etc etc.

It’s all good.

And it’s what I love. I love guiding this process, getting amongst it. Then sharing those ‘aha’ moments, seeing teams getting excited about the possibilities and priorities, and sharing their success stories. 💥 Light it Up! 💥