We know in leadership and in Governance that there is a heck of a lot of expert information - from broad sources - which is constantly being sought, shared and evaluated. We, as the public, or, indeed, as experts in one field, are not necessarily privy to this breadth of knowledge. We will know a fraction of what those leading us through this current crisis have access to, have evaluated and have accordingly planned from. I have real reservations about people without the 'big picture' breadth of knowledge calling for change. Although this is natural - we are all deeply concerned, and want the best outcomes - we can become blind to 'unintended consequences' when we are driven to favour only one aspect of the big picture.

We must consider the flow on effects of every option, as they will directly impact our ability to come through this as positively as possible.

To do this, I am putting my trust in those who do have the entire breadth of advice and information.

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