Light the fuse!

I just love this wave action - I call it ‘lighting the fuse’, and I love watching- mesmerised - as it bursts along the beach. (Apologies - Wix won't upload my lighting the fuse video)

I think it has to do with the impact created when strong outgoing waves collide with strong incoming waves. What I love is it’s raw crazy energy.

Imagine if we could harness the energy explosion we experience when our old ‘normal’ ways are hit by new (and not necessarily welcome) changes.

If we could grab that mad rush of energy and turn it to good use, what could we create?

There are many stages to accepting and adapting to change, as we’re currently only too aware. How can we adapt, and utilise our ‘new normal’ to light up our own powder keg fuse?

What is this new normal revealing to you?

What opportunities can we see and benefit from during this crazy time?

Look long term - what will the needs be in your industry?

It’s time for relentlessly seeking out these opportunities. Those businesses which can harness their energy, and respond creatively to this ‘new ‘normal’ will have the best chance of surviving and thriving.

So ... holler if I can help you navigate, survive and thrive during this time.