Growth Mindset

Now is possibly the best time ever to deliberately practice a growth mindset.When we face challenges (and who is not being challenged at the moment!?) we can easily fall into our default state of insecurity or defensiveness.

So how can a growth mindset help?

In a nutshell it’s the belief that talent and ability can be grown, and that our weaknesses can be improved with dedicated practice.

It’s the idea of adding ‘yet’ to our ‘but I can’t do this!’ mind talk. Try it next time your negative self talk has a crack at sabotaging you and notice what happens 😊 The growth mindset is about acknowledging the effort - not the result - try that with your kids next time they struggle, and see what happens.

If we believe our talents can be grown through hard work, using the strategies we know work for us, we will set ourselves up to cope better in this challenging ‘new normal’. And if you’re a business leader, encouraging a growth mindset in your organisation will lead to more empowered and committed employees - who are more adept at responding proactively to change. I highly recommend Dr Carol Dweck’s book ‘mindset’ 😊 All the best, and ... holler if I can help with any strategy #goodshiftnz change