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Can do...

The stunning Kaikoura coastline turned it on over the weekend. If we’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by recent events, its good to be a little like the ocean - keep that flow and practice deep calming breathing. We can feel stress because we’re just not in control (which may explain the rush on toilet paper - having a stash is something people can have control over!)

While we need to keep our eyes on the big picture, doing something short term that is tangible and productive can be a really great counter. If at work, clear out your desk, write a congratulations card for that mate / firm that has done well, shout a morning tea. And - proactively communicate with those who matter to you. If at home, bake a cake, do some gardening, clean out the garage / pantry. Do something that you can feel a sense of satisfaction and completion from. Keep breathing. And holler if you can do with a hand managing your strategy/ change during these uncertain times. All the best!