ANZAC Day 2020

This was my ANZAC day.

Like many around the globe, we are in lockdown, so for the first time in history the official commemoration services were cancelled.However we were still encouraged to pay our respects - with safe distancing. One of our community is a Mounted Rifleman. Pre dawn, he led his horses through the village and we gathered - together apart - outside our local hall. Someone tuned their UE boom to the RNZ service and we stood silent, honouring those lost to war. There were feelings of deep respect, deep sadness and deep connection. Many then wandered down to the beach for this spectacular sunrise. And later, we were fortunate enough to witness this beautiful sunset over our lagoon. It was a truly memorable day. In addition to the remembrance, the lesson I took from it was that if enabled, human creativity and generosity and cooperation will rise - and will find a way through challenges. That the best of human nature will prevail. I think we all need to be reminded of this when our world can seem so fragile and vulnerable.

ANZAC Day 2020 Lest we forget.