A few clever folk (researchers and leadership coaches ) reckon the people we spend the most time around can determine our achievement, our success or failure in life by as much as 95% That’s quite a lot 😳

We hear it all the time in success stories, that so and so really took an interest in me, and it made all the difference.

So the recommendation is to do a bit of an honest stock take and, if we cannot see that the people we spend the most time with are encouraging us, inspiring us and supporting us to achieve our goals, then it might just pay to seek out those who will.

People who are positive, honest, curious, ahead of us professionally, people with buckets of integrity and who we admire are great for growth.

Reach out- most people with these values will be genuinely interested in your growth. And if they cannot help you, may suggest someone else who can.

This knowledge also motivates me to grow - not just for myself but for those I love.

Thoughts 💭? All the very best for your hump day!

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