Mid - February already, which I am guessing means we’re nearly 10% through 2020 😳 If, like me, there’s a goal or two you would like to achieve this year, that initial ‘whoopee it’s a New Year!’ burst may have worn off, leaving us vulnerable to heading off track and not achieving our goals. There’s some great advice to help manage this, including ‘if - then’ scenarios. These front foot likely road blocks to reaching our goals with a practical strategy to stay on track. For example, you’d like to build in a bit more daily exercise and a little less social media trawling. So - ‘when I feel like I need a brain break, I’ll leave my work and take a 5 minute walk’ Result = 5 minutes less time on social media and five minutes more on exercise. And the added bonus of a clearer head! We can create multiple ‘if - then’ plans for what we know may trigger us to go off track. It’s often these small day to day habits that end up making the meaningful long term positive change, both in business and in our personal lives. Holler if you could do with some help developing your business strategy or any good shift change. All the best! #lightitupnz #goodshiftnz #nzbusiness #nzsmallbusiness #lightitup