A (short) ode to the business builders, the unemployed, the jobless.

At the end of 2011 I resigned a full time permanent position. I was burnt out and bruised.

I retrained (Business Transformation and Change- perfect!), and fate conspired in offering me my first client, which then led to starting my consultancy.

It’s been just over two years since FUSE Strategy became part of the cyber space, web site, facebook page, linked in profile, clients gained and clients ‘yeah, yeah, nahhed’. Networking and pipelines, learning and upskilling ongoing.

However, enough of the history.

I’m writing this to give a shout out to the burnt out and bruised, to all of you who have gone through redundancy, who are working through job applications, who are building new businesses, who are putting your hopes and dreams on the line to find work and fulfillment.

What I have learned through the process of growing my business is that it is tough. It is really tough. I know why the failure rate of start-ups is so high. My stores of self – belief, positivity and resilience have at times been severely depleted.

I now know that I need purpose to be truly happy. That when not working I struggled with my self-worth. Stone the crows.

So this is a shout out to everyone who has been there and tried that.

You have my absolute admiration for keeping on trying, applying, and believing.

I wish you every success.


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