That ‘why’ word and how it can help you in business, in life and beyond…

That ‘why’ word – we’ve been using it ever since we were tottering two year old's learning

to talk … “why, mummy?” It is a seemingly innate question with the potential to reveal to us the world. At times the answer gives us satisfaction and other times it sparks further interest, “but why, daddy?”

Yes, I’ve seen Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “Start with why”. That ‘why’ word is becoming a hot topic, with advertising campaigns also piggybacking on its emotive power.

I know that my ‘why’ is because I love seeing great people succeed. I want the world to be a better place. I believe it can be. I know there are incredible people everywhere, doing incredible things. Everyday. I love being part of positive change.

Clarifying my ‘why’ was the motivation behind retraining in Business Transformation and Change. I love working with great clients and future focussed businesses. I feel truly privileged working alongside clients when helping them discover their ‘why’. To put words to their passions and to put plans in place to ensure they are on track to achieving their goals. I have a vested interest in their success.

I get the idea of why finding your ‘why’ is so incredibly powerful. It acts to declutter all that ‘noise’, revealing and clarifying our innate belief, our sense of something bigger than ourselves, something wonderful we can aspire to. It acts as a motivator, binding us from all walks / beliefs / backgrounds to a common goal.

In business and in life, understanding your ‘why’ can help ensure alignment between your goals, your strategies and your results. It can act to simplify overly complex issues. It can re-calibrate your direction. It can be an effective filter for decision making - clarifying both the yes decisions and equally importantly, the ones to which you need to say no.

Dr. Martin Luther King gained fame and engendered transformative change when he stood and ever so bravely stated, “I have a dream.” This inner urge to serve humanity, his ‘why’, continues to resonate more than 50 years on as a powerful legacy for change.

In this crazy busy life, we can be searching for ways to simplify its demands and confusion. To give our lives more meaning. I think one effective way to do so, is to allow yourself real time to ruminate, to question yourself deeply. This may be through meditation, talking with friends who really 'get' you, walking in a quiet space, writing, hard physical exercise. Whatever works for you, dedicating precious time so you have the head space to clarify your ‘why’.

If you'd like a hand clarifying your why, setting and achieving your goals - personally, or in your place of work, leadership strengthening, strategy, transformation, culture improvement, any positive change initiative give me a call. I'd love to hear from you.

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Thanks to the inspirational Dr. Martin Luther King

And to Simon Sinek

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