Tantrumps, Distrumption and A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Tantrumps, Distrumption and A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Tantrump = Hissy fit thrown by fake-tanned creature when not getting its own way

Distrumption = The resulting chaos unleashed as Mr Donald Trump meets world politics

Crazy Little Thing Called Love = The most effective positive agent of change known to the universe

Donald Trump. The President of the US of A. This man is an autocrat. Many would add hints of narcissism, psychopathic tendencies, and a touch of compulsive lying to his unique mix.

Not so good.

Examples of this distasteful cocktail include:

  • He seeks to dominate all others, e.g. his employees, his subordinates and his fellow leaders

  • He creates his own reality (AKA alternative facts, freaky it is such a ‘thing’ there is actually a name for it)

  • He is insensitive to and or disinterested in the feelings and wishes of others (multiple denied acts of assault)

  • He has a strong will power, overriding other’s opinions, considering his opinions superior (e.g. overriding experts’ climate change facts)

  • He likes to be the centre of attention (publicity driven, tweet-aholic)

Mr Trump’s well practiced pattern of autocratic behaviour has historically been rewarded with material wealth and recognition thus reinforcing his style of ‘leadership’.

It is one we in the modern Western world are unfamiliar with. We’ve been caught short.

The normal rules do not apply. As we have evidenced, those brave enough to voice resistance run the very real risk of being removed from the picture, or fired as per the high profile axing of Acting Attorney Sally Yates. This is not normal.

We continue to be horrified by his outrageous behaviour. However, just as when we are dealing with tantrums in children, we need to adjust our thinking. This is how he operates. And he is not alone.

I’ve had the memorable displeasure of working with someone who displayed similar characteristics to Mr Trump. Their behaviour is not normal. I wish I had been forewarned and prepared for their kind of crazy. It certainly would have helped when being personally attacked and lied to.

But hey, if we don’t live in the states and if we don’t have a boss who is this kind of crazy, does any of this really matter? Hell yes – if you care about living in a democracy, if you care about truth and equality.

If you need convincing (and even if you don’t!), I recommend you read David Frum’s excellent ‘The Atlantic’ March 2017 piece “How to Build An Autocracy”. A small extract is quoted below.

“The United States may be a nation of laws, but the proper functioning of the law depends upon the competence and integrity of those charged with executing it. A president determined to thwart the law in order to protect himself and those in his circle has many means to do so”

Trump is a man who has repeatedly demonstrated his lack of integrity. The future of the world’s democratic process is now threatened.

I believe:

We must uphold ethical leadership.

We must be vocal. We must empower our leaders to be strong and clear in their messages of condemnation against executive orders which hurtle us backwards and away from equality.

We must encourage our ethical leaders to create alliances with other ethical leaders. Just as we are stronger together, so too our world leaders are stronger together.

When faced with temper tantrums, although tempting, sarcasm, ridicule and mockery aren’t particularly productive. Modelling the desired behaviour, and clearly communicating and reinforcing what is acceptable, are far more effective techniques. Advocating a win-win works too.

We must act with grace and intelligence – think Streep, Gandhi and Luther King.

Anything less could be used as fodder to fuel the rhetoric around racism, sexism, xenophobia.

We have wonderful leaders in education, business, both world-wide, and local who are showing the way with transformational leadership, empowering their staff, making positive change happen. Leaders who look beyond the profit margins to honour those working with them. Who are honest and inspirational. Who act with integrity. Who seek out and recognise the magic within us all. Who make us feel proud to be working and give our work meaning. Who actively promote diversity and acceptance in the workplace and beyond. As the wonderful Gandhi is oft quoted “Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world”.

I am so invigorated and heartened by the power that is now being seen and is building. Companies, individuals, communities… examples are everywhere of great acts of love and courage. It is sensational!! Yes, these are scary times but my goodness, they are quite wonderful. This is a sea change and it comes from a place of love.

I would love to see New Zealand a noisy world leader advocating equality. Purposefully and relentlessly being the change we wish to see in this beautiful flawed world. Speaking up for those without a voice. Because I believe advocating equal rights for all is the responsibility of all. So what can we do? We can make some noise and we can lead with a crazy little thing called love.

Thanks to Steve Mueller http://www.planetofsuccess.com/blog/T2010/how-to-deal-with-autocratic-leadership/

And to David Frum


And to Freddie Mercury for writing ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ RIP

Thank you for your time.

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